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About Ryk's Hunting Operation

Alberta Hunting MapRyk Visscher's Hunting Adventures, established in 1989, is a long-standing business with a proud history of providing a superior hunting experience. In 2005, Ryk was one of five Alberta fish and wildlife champions honoured for exceptional efforts to promote wise use of wildlife resources. He was awarded Alberta's most prestigious wildlife conservation award, the Order of the Bighorn.

Ryk's operation consists of four camps which offer individual hunting opportunities: black bear, moose, whitetail and elk. Click here to learn more about Ryk.

Black Bear Hunting Camp

Black Bear guiding was my inauguration into outfitting in Alberta back in 1990. Since then, I have hosted hundreds of clients every May out of our North-East Alberta Bear camps. I reduced my bear operation some years ago to just 4 to 8 hunters a year, focusing on quality rather than quantity, and it has paid off in some great bears and bear hunting.

Moose Hunting Camp

Since 1998 we've been guiding up to 12 (now) moose bowhunting clients (late September rut hunts) and occasionally 1 or 2 rifle hunting clients (Early November) with great success (We average over 70% actual kill with Bow and are 100% with Rifle). I couldn't be prouder of the opportunities we create time and time again each year in these high density moose zone we hunt near Edmonton.

Whitetail Camp

Although my brother John and I have been chasing Alberta Whitetails our whole life, it wasn't until 2002 when we decided to start sharing our knowledge with rifle and bowhunting clients.

Elk hunting Camp

My brother John has always had an affinity for Elk bowhunting in our Rocky Mountains 4 hours west of Edmonton. It's a tough hunt in a real rugged area but no place in North America has the awe inspiring beauty of this remote area of Alberta. In 2005 we began a "by invitation only hunt" for a maximum of 2 very fit bowhunters a year, up to the challenge of mountain hunting.