Alberta Bear Hunts

Since 1990 we’ve been offering May Black Bear baited hunts out of our remote camp nestled deep in North-East Alberta’s boreal forest. This is a high density bear area noted for numerous large black bears with a particularly high percentage of off colored bears ranging from blonde thru cinnamon to even chocolate phases. Wolves are also very common in the area but because of their wariness, they are extremely difficult to get a crack at, particularly with a bow.

It’s a two bear zone and we provide 3 guides for the 4 hunters in camp each week for this 6 day Black bear hunt.   We have reduced our client numbers substantially focusing on quality not quantity and now offer only 2 weeks of 4 hunters per week mid-May. Only 8 Black Bear clients, total, each year!  We access baits with trucks and 4-wheelers. Our portable stands are at a height of 10 to 15 feet and shots are 12 to 20 yards which is ideal for bear bowhunts with our bowhunters who make up the majority of our clients (gun hunters are welcome as well!).

You stay in very comfortable wall tents, with wood stoves, wood floors, and cots for a good night’s rest. Like all of our camps, the food is excellent and there is plenty of it so don’t plan on starting a diet on this trip! A camp shower is available, as is a practice range. Temperatures range from 40 to 80 degrees and although rain is possible on any given week, it’s not all that common. The vicious blackflies common while hunting further east of Alberta are rare and, although there are some mosquitoes, they are not prevalent enough to negatively affect the Bear hunts.

Hunters arrive the day before your hunt and stay at and Edmonton airport hotel and then have a leisurely 3 ½  hour drive to the camp the next day.  Since you hunt until 10pm or so each night you head back to Edmonton the morning after your hunt.