We are moose hunting in an area about an hour from the Edmonton International Airport

1998 was the first year that non-residents could go moose hunting in what is likely the highest density moose area in Alberta if not western Canada! We only offer 8 late September thru early October 8-day moose rut bowhunts each year.

Only eight – 8-day Sanctuary Moose Rut Bowhunts offered each year

This one-on-one late September moose hunt takes place in a sanctuary that allows for only foot access in this sprawling aspen forest with low rolling hills littered with pothole lakes typical of moose country. Our actual kill success for this moose hunt hovers around 70% for bulls from 30″ to up over 50″. Average daily sightings range from 3 to 10 moose with a higher percentage being bulls. Although calling and stand hunting or posting at rut pits are a common strategy (we often use moose decoys), the high density of moose allows for all day still hunting and spot and stalk moose hunting when high winds or warm temperatures soften the rut activity.