Luke's Story

By Ryk Visscher & Kelly Semple

As an outfitter we have the privilege of meeting many special people and making many special friends from all over the world. However, In my 15 years of outfitting, nothing to date tops the privilege of hosting Luke Munn of Michigan for Black bears in the spring of 2003…


Monster Buck Bagged!

By Ryk Visscher

“Ryk, you’ve got to get down to the shop,” Kevin Berge urged. “And don’t forget your measuring tape!”

Kevin was telephoning from my Edmonton archery store, Visscher’s Archery World . It was Saturday morning, September 21…


EBZ - Monster Moose!

By Ryk Visscher

Published in Bowhunter Magazine Dec/Jan 1997

Big whitetails are a given in the Edmonton Bow Zone, but let’s not forget about their giant cousins, North America’s largest big game, the moose!


Hot Spot

By M.R. James

Published in Bowhunter Magazine Feb/Mar 1993

It’s amazing how big even a medium-sized Alberta black bear seems when he’s climbing the tree containing your stand. And when angry growls and teeth-popping threats accompany…